What are these events?

Regional Forums take place in the spring (typically April or May). Lexington/Bluegrass chapter belongs to North Central Region which includes Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

APC, or Annual Planning Conference is a 1 day session typically held near the end of October or the first part of November. Each region hosts its own APC. APC consists of business meetings and educational breakout sessions and a fun event the evening before.

AMEC, or Annual Meeting and Education Conference is a 3 day national convention typically held the last part of August. The format is similar to regional forums, with all the NAWIC regions represented. In recent years, there has been a focus on professional development sessions at AMEC.

Forum, APC, National Convention (AMEC)

There are a number of special programs we support, many of which are both youth and adult education programs.

  • Block Kids- Annual event that introduces children to the construction industry in an effort to create awareness of and to promote an interest in future careers in on of the many facets of the construction industry. The programs is open to elementary school children.  The competition involves the construction of various structures with interlocking blocks and three of the following items: rock, string, aluminum foil, and poster board. Local winners advance to the regional competition and one semi-finalist is chosen from each regional to be entered in the National competition.

Special Programs

  • Membership

  • Finance
  • Professional Development & Education
  • PR/Marketing
  • Block Kids​

How do I volunteer to be on a committee? Contact the committee leader or anyone on the Board of Directors. If a committee is unchaired, but you are interested in it, one of the board members will step up to mentor you and assist in your interest.


Membership Meetings are opportunities for our general membership and guests to network and be updated on Chapter events, opportunities, and news. This meeting is held every third Thursday in conjunction with a scheduled tour, lecture, speaker or other event.

Membership Meetings


  • Believe in ourselves

  • Persevere with strength of our convictions

  •  Dare to move into new horizons

The board consists of (at a minimum) president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and one director for each 10 members-at-large.

The board is tasked with the general operations of the group- make sure the committees are on track, our monies are accounted for, and we are meeting the requirements of National and Chapter bylaws and standing rules.

Meetings are open. You do not need to be an officer to attend the board meeting. Attending the board meeting probably gives more insight to the operations of the group than other steps you may take to learn more about us.

Board meetings are normally scheduled the second Tuesday of each month. Other meetings, events and networking opportunities are peppered throughout the month.


 Board of Directors

Overview: NAWIC Lexington-Bluegrass Chapter

Financial Status Questions:

NAWIC Bluegrass is a not-for-profit, 501C6 professional organization. The IRS limits us to a certain balance in our monetary accounts. If you exceed this number, you are no longer considered to be a not-for-profit.

Fundraising Initiatives:

NAWIC Bluegrass has several fundraising events each year.

Event sponsors are solicited for Block Kids and Construction Industry Night. These sponorships are different than general fundraising as those dollars donated are specifically earmarked for the events. Meeting fees are much the same- the per person meeting fee  covers our actual costs.